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NATG4 Day 13: A Family of a Sort by OneBrokePony
NATG4 Day 13: A Family of a Sort
I like drawing 3.5s and I'm trying to learn 3s too. I alsready know one thing I need to learn is to remember some basic details in pics and not overlook them. Chairs under seated characters for example. G4 Dash is sitting on air. Oops.
Anyway Rainbow Dash is painting Rainbow Dash's hooves while Rainbow Dash is brushing Rianbow Dash's hair. Rainbow Dash is a nice family.

Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash are Hasbro My Little Ponies 2003-current
NATG4 Day 2: Groove Heart by OneBrokePony
NATG4 Day 2: Groove Heart
Revisiting the NATG days I missed and this one is the "draw a pony grooving" one. Luckily, I was listening to a 25 year old Dee-Lite song. Here's a Lady Miss Kier pony grooving in her heart

My Little Ponies are a Hasbro thing, Lady Miss Kier is a Kierin Kirby character, the trademarks are theirs
NATG4 Day 1: Well, she's standing anyway by OneBrokePony
NATG4 Day 1: Well, she's standing anyway
I like drawing poofy dresses and gowns and stuff. I also like putting Scootaloo or Rainbow Dash in them because of reasons. Scootaloo doesn't have long legs here, her feet don't touch the ground. She's got a metal hoop skirt frame under the dress and she's kinda stuck.

Scootaloo is a Hasbro owned My Little Pony character 2003-current
NATG4 Day 12: Cocoa on the Couch by OneBrokePony
NATG4 Day 12: Cocoa on the Couch
I've got Rainbow, Twi, and Fluttershy on the sofa in feetie pajamas with cocoa mugs. There are few things cozier. Also, they've got wing mittens on the back, which is a sweet thing and I remembered Dash's wings this time
NATG4 Day 9: Figure Skating Rainbow Dash by OneBrokePony
NATG4 Day 9: Figure Skating Rainbow Dash
The prompt said Winter Game and figure skating is one of the Winter Olympic games. Anyway, I think Rainbow Dash would be a fantastic figure skater. She's agile and can do the spins, etc.

Rainbow Dash is a Hasbro character, copyright 2010 through present. The cutie mark I put on her skating dress is Hasbro's Dash mark 2003-2010

aaaand I just saw that I forgot her wings. Poor Dash.
Three of the G3.5 ponies, Rainbow Dash, Toola Roola, and especially Cheerilee. I want to have their manes. Toola has a cool multicolor bob, Dash has that curly messy ponytail, and Cheerilee has the best fountain pigtails. I wonder how difficult it would be to make cosplay wigs of those manestyles


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